Oberlin Golf Struggles at Nye Intercollegiate Tournament

Shuntaro Shirota

The golf team returned from a tournament last weekend at the Wooster Country Club, where four golfers competed against elite players in and out of the North Coast Athletic Conference.

The Nye Intercollegiate hosted some of the best golfers in the nation, including a Wittenburg University squad that is currently ranked 15th in the country. In the two-day event, which featured 16 different schools, the Yeomen struggled to make their mark. Oberlin’s top finisher first-year Justin Ruiz, who posted a 75 and a 76 on the par-70 course for 21st place the previous weekend, explained, “Wooster’s course was a much more difficult course to play on.”

Despite being the top scorer among the Yeomen, Ruiz could not repeat his success. He finished with a total of 172 after putting up a score of 83 on day one and 89 on day two. The team’s three other golfers, senior Rachel Coyte, sophomore Michael Jacobs and first-year John Ingham, struggled to contribute as well. Ingham went for 103 strokes on day one and carded in 119 on day two. Michael Jacobs went 122 on day one but made a big improvement on day two as he shaved 14 strokes to go 108. Coyte also displayed great progress on day two, shaving off an impressive 25 strokes. With their valiant efforts, however, came a shade of disappointment as Oberlin finished in last place at the competition.

Following the tournament, Ruiz expressed his enthusiasm moving forward. “I will say this: … We have the most fun out of any team I have ever been a part of. As a team, we’re trying to improve our score each day.” Under the direction of new coach Joe Miller, the Yeomen are still trying to find their rhythm two weeks into the season.