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Hannah Wirta Kinney.

Hannah Wirta Kinney, AMAM Assistant Curator

December 13, 2019

Hannah Wirta Kinney is the assistant curator of academic programs at the Allen Memorial Art Museum. One of the new curators this semester, Kinney started her position at the AMAM in September. Prior to working at Oberlin, she taught college classes on Renaissance and Baroque art, and has worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum. She talked with The Review about her time at Oberlin thus far, and her thoughts about art and identity.  This interview has been edited for length and clarity.  Why ...

OSLAM team members bowing at the end of last year’s Grand Slam.

OHOP, OSLAM Center Black, POC Voices on Campus

November 22, 2019

While all students are invited to attend campus concerts and events, it is important to be mindful about taking up space at shows centering Black and Brown artists. Two groups on campus – The Oberlin Hip Hop Collective and Oberlin’s slam poetry team, OSLAM, not only center performers of color but seek to create a safe space for students of color in the audience. When attending these events, mindfulness of one’s positionality is crucial.  “OHOP serves to provide safe spaces and communit...

Omid Shekari.

Omid Shekari, Visiting Professor & Artist

November 8, 2019

Omid Shekari is a visiting assistant professor in the Studio Art department. His exhibition, Of Aggression and Domination, focuses on the lacking media portrayal of United States military occupations abroad. His work looks into the militarization of the government, the violence committed against civilians, and the meaning of nationalism and patriotism. Shekari’s art has been exhibited around the world, and he has participated in residencies at MASS MoCA and OMI, among many others. He spoke wit...

An Obie Recommends: Finding a Place on Campus

Imani Badillo, Senior Staff Writer

September 27, 2019

 I told myself this semester that I would make an effort to find truly relaxing outdoor spaces on campus. After a summer spent in a city with few opportunities to enjoy nature, a place full of greenery was at the top of my list of prospects. I wanted somewhere to attach memories to; in my first year I had made many lasting memories with friends but had fewer significant feelings attached to physical spaces. In my experience, very few Obies have ventured into the territory of the Art Building. To most of Oberlin, the Allen Memorial Art Museum and the surrounding art-related spaces remain unvisited, meant only for the study of art. But this collection of buildings is worthy of study in their own right. The museum is...

Double-degree sophomore Kopano Muhammad and College sophomore Blessing Bwititi perform at last Saturday's ASA banquet.

ASA Banquet Highlight of Campus Afropolitan Week

April 26, 2019

The African Students’ Association adorned the Carnegie Building’s Root Room in purple and gold decorations last Saturday for its annual banquet. The event showcased a vibrant expression of pride in African identity, promoting it as something that is both modern and rooted in tradition. This year’s theme, Afropolitan, was a continuation of Afropolitan Week, a series that featured several other events hosted by ASA. Included in the week’s festivities were student-led panel “African in...

Students turned out in force this Wednesday for the 23rd annual Colors of Rhythm showcase. This year, the theme was “Freedom in this Village.”

MRC Colors of Rhythm Celebrates POC Creative Expression

April 12, 2019

The 23rd annual Colors of Rhythm showed loud and proud at Finney Chapel this past Wednesday, putting students of color and the organizations they represent center stage. The event invited all to come and share in the variety of art forms expressed, including dance, singing, spoken word, and storytelling.  The theme of this year’s Colors of Rhythm, “Freedom in this Village,” was chosen to honor E. Lynn Harris, who was a prominent figure in Black gay male literature for more than 25 years...

Students in Black By Popular Demand: The Black History Month Fashion Show. From left to right: sophomore Nia Lewis, sophomore Mikaela Howard, junior Sage Petrone, first-year Deverrick McAllister, and sophomore Kristen Harris.

BHM Fashion Show Celebrates Black Culture, Body Expression

March 1, 2019

Black Oberlin student and faculty models took to the runway to showcase Black beauty and style in Black By Popular Demand: The Black History Month Fashion Show. This year’s show took place on Saturday, Feb. 23 in the Root Room of Carnegie Building.  Representing different themes — including ’90s, thrift, and formal wear — each featured collection focused on the many ways Black culture has permeated today’s popular media and mainstream styles. Each ensemble flowed differently, and eac...

Nae McClain and LePriya White pose in a photo which was featured on the Oberlin Spectrum Instagram account.

Instagram Account Highlights POC Fashion on Campus

November 16, 2018

Oberlin Spectrum has been filling Instagram feeds with looks from POC since November 2017, with the goal of providing a fashionable safe space for students of color. Originally a personal project, the page has grown exponentially in recent months. The creators have introduced submissions, broadened their understanding of the meaning of representation, and begun seeking a greater presence on campus. College junior Sheng Kao originally created the account. She began collecting photos from people...

Ohio Citizens for the Arts Emphasize Student Role in Supporting the Arts

Imani Badillo

November 2, 2018

Effective arts advocacy is essential to enriching Ohio’s artistic and cultural landscape. According to a recent on-campus discussion facilitated by Ohio Citizens for the Arts, Oberlin students have a role to play in speaking up for increased state and federal funding. Last Tuesday, Bill Behrendt, the executive director of Ohio Citizens for the Arts, gave a talk titled “Arts Advocacy: How Does It Work and What Can I Do?” in which he discussed the function of his organization, the importance of public arts funding, and actions that anyone can take to support the arts. Ohio Citizens for the Arts works “to increase funding and public support for the arts through advocacy, education, and engagement.” The organization...

Dr. Ridha Moumni Speaks on Tunisian Art, History

Imani Badillo

October 5, 2018

The Art History department hosted Dr. Ridha Moumni in Hallock Auditorium Tuesday, Oct. 2 for his presentation, “Art, Life, and Politics in Post-War and Postcolonial Tunisia.” Moumni’s presentation discussed how the aesthetic of Tunisian art was influenced over time by political actions in and around the country. Located in North Africa and bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia gained its independence in 1956. Although the French never officially colonized Tunisia like they did neighboring Algeria, they established a protectorate in 1881. Although the governmental structure was preserved, Tunisian ministers were still appointed, and the bey remained the official monarch, supreme authority was passed to the...

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