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The U.S. Women’s National Team celebrates a victory.

The U.S. Women’s National Team Deserves Your Undivided Attention

February 14, 2020

This Winter Term, while watching the United States Women’s National Soccer Team game, we became simultaneously filled with pride for our team and couldn’t wait to don a USWNT jersey — printed with the name of any one of those fabulous players — and flaunt it front row at a primetime televised game. We allowed ourselves to be swept up in the frenzy of support for the future of women’s sports. The USWNT ultimately won the game against Costa Rica, as part of the Olympic qualifying tourname...

LGBTQ+ Solidarity More Important Now Than Ever

Jackie Brant, Opinions Editor

October 11, 2019

 The Supreme Court is in the process of hearing three different cases from New York, Georgia, and Michigan that will decide the future of LGBTQ+ rights in the workplace. Two of the three cases have been combined because both plaintiffs were fired immediately after coming out as gay in their workplace; the third case involves a transgender woman who was fired immediately after coming out to her superiors and informing them that she would be transitioning in the future.  Despite the differences in the cases, all three claim that being fired on the basis of sexuality or gender identity violates the rights guaranteed to the plaintiffs by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and constitutes discrimination on the ba...

Women’s Soccer Starts New Preseason Tradition: Race and LGBTQ+ Workshops

Jane Agler, Sports Editor

October 11, 2019

This past summer, the Oberlin varsity women’s soccer team looked to foster an inclusive space for all members, new and old, through workshops addressing LGBTQ+, gender, and racial identities. Rather than solely adhering to the preseason strategies that have been implemented for many years, the team started this new tradition. Each workshop was organized and headed by team members of those respective communities. “A major goal of [the workshops] was to begin normalizing these kinds of conversations in team spaces and help our teammates realize that they have a very tangible connection to [these] issue[s],” said College third-year and workshop facilitator Louise Metz. The workshops were conducted through panels comprised...

Ariana Grande’s Music Video Perpetuates Queer Stereotypes, Tropes

Aly Fogel, Contributing Writer

March 8, 2019

I am tired of watching gross misrepresentations of queer women in entertainment. I find myself mentally reminding the artists involved in these works, “My queerness is not a publicity stunt. My queerness is not for your straight self-promotion. And my queerness is definitely not your personal fetish.” So when I first watched Ariana Grande’s music video, “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored,” which has been criticized for its staged girl-on-girl kiss, I was not surprised to encounter the queer tropes I have become all too familiar with. However, I was surprised to find a strange new form of appropriation of the queer experience by a straight artist: using female queerness as straight girl empowerment...

Howard Scandal Exposes Homophobia

Alexis Dill, Sports Editor

November 30, 2018

Two weeks after the 2012–13 NBA regular season wrapped up, Jason Collins — at the time, a free agent — sat in front of his TV and took a deep breath, waiting to see himself all over the news. He couldn’t hold it in any longer, and had already told 20 of his family members and closest friends. Now it was time for everyone else to know. Journalist Franz Lidz helped Collins articulate his thoughts and emotions in a first-person story that was minutes away from being published on Sports Illustrated’s website. On that day, April 29, 2013, Collins told the world that he is gay. A year later, after being overlooked by some teams because of all the attention surrounding his announcement, Collins was ...

Peter Staley

Peter Staley, Activist

November 2, 2018

Peter Staley, OC ’83, is an HIV/AIDS–LGBTQ rights activist who was a prominent member of AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) and the founder of Treatment Action Group (TAG), which formed and eventually split from the Treatment and Date Committee of ACT UP. Staley is a main figure in the Oscar-nominated documentary How to Survive a Plague, which details the history of ACT UP and the AIDS crisis. Staley returned to Oberlin for his talk, “Radical Homosexuals: How ACT UP Changed the World....

MRC Speaker Series Features “dapperQ” Founder

Julia Peterson, Arts & Culture Editor

February 23, 2018

Anita Dolce Vita, who has produced some of the largest queer fashion shows in the United States and is the owner and Editor-in-Chief of leading online queer style magazine dapperQ, came to Oberlin to give a talk on queer style as visual activism Saturday afternoon. Dolce Vita has produced shows at the Brooklyn Museum, the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, and SxSW, and her work has been featured by The New York Times, HBO, OUT Magazine, and many other prominent outlets. Her talk was organized as part of the Multicultural Resource Center’s My Name Is My Own speaker series, which centers the experiences of queer and trans people of color. dapperQ, which Dolce Vita describes as “one of the world’s most widely...

Oberlin City Council Clerk Belinda Anderson at Monday’s City Council meeting, where the council discussed a potential amendment to Oberlin’s City Codes that would give increased rights and protections to LGBTQ community members.

Council Votes for LGBTQ Protections

September 22, 2017

Oberlin is en route to becoming the first city in Lorain County and 20th in the state of Ohio to make discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community illegal. Ohio is one of 28 states that has yet to do the same. In Oberlin, there are no laws in place to prevent employers from hiring or firing employees based on their gender identity or sexual orientation. Additionally, Oberlin has no tangible law preventing business owners from denying customers of the LGBTQ community service or access...

Domestic Partnership Policy Invasive, Exclusive

Cyrus Eosphoros, Columnist

September 4, 2015

Two things happened in my life last May, within weeks of each other: I proposed, and my fiancée graduated. She decided to live in Oberlin. I decided to live with her. Technically, we could have gotten married already. We might have even been able to manage it the day I proposed if we had borrowed a car. But we’d decided to wait until after I got out of college in spring 2018. We were engaged, anyway, ring and all; we’d made our intention to marry as clear as possible. How hard could convincing the school of that fact be? I want to note that every person I interacted with from ResEd was absolutely lovely. Over the course of the summer I got polite responses to my panicked and probably incoherent emails at...

Asexuality Denial Furthers Heteronormative, Anti-Queer Arguments

Natalie Pierson, Contributing Writer

April 18, 2015

Disclaimer: This piece does not reflect the opinions, experiences and feelings of all or even most asexuals. This is solely my own experience and how I feel. I learn something new about sex almost every day. Whether it’s rim jobs, golden showers or just how much the bottom/top dynamic says about your personality, sex and its thousands of facets and manifestations will always baffle me. I find it really interesting, disturbing, exciting and utterly foreign all at once. My feelings about it are complicated, variable and extremely hard to explain. Being asexual is at times unbearably exhausting. I didn’t realize I was asexual until I got to college. In high school, I was blissfully unaware of just how far behind...

MRC Searches for New LGBTQ Coordinator

Elizabeth Dobbins, News Editor

April 17, 2015

The Multicultural Resource Center is in the midst of a nearly semester-long search for a new LGBTQ Community Coordinator after the previous coordinator, Danielle Stevens, left the position at the end of last semester. Alison Williams, director of the MRC, said the candidate search committee plans to announce the new LGBTQ Coordinator by the last day of classes, although the unpredictable nature of candidate searches may push this date back. “You can’t always predict how [candidate searches] go, so we have a timeline that’s our goal, but people can drop out of the search, people can turn down your offer, there’s some negotiations that sometimes happen,” Williams said. The job posting describes community...

Lawmakers Stain Hoosier Name

Anne Buckwalter, Contributing Writer

April 3, 2015

Elected officials in Indiana are disgracing the reputation of the Hoosier state. The fight against LGBT equality in Indiana flared up over a year ago, when legislators proposed an amendment to the Indiana constitution, HJR-3, that would have defined marriage as between one man and one woman. An Indiana statute already prohibited same-sex marriage, but legislators attempted to introduce a constitutional amendment to reinforce inequality. Facing this threat, activists formed the grassroots organization Freedom Indiana. According to the organization’s website, “Freedom Indiana believes our state should promote religious liberty in a way that respects all Hoosiers.” Freedom Indiana successfully mobilized Hoosiers to...

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