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Student walk past Student Health and Counseling Center. All Counseling Center appointments are taking place over Zoom as a COVID-19 precaution.

Mental Health Resources Complicated by COVID

September 11, 2020

Editor’s note: This article contains mentions of mental illness. Some are concerned that the stress and isolation created by COVID-19 could have broad negative effects on students’ mental health. There is a particular concern that third-years and other off-campus students have decreased access to the College’s preexisting resources. Several organizations around campus are working to mitigate this. “I think that everyone right now is definitely worried in general, just because of the c...

New Alcohol Education Program Launched, Emphasizes Safety, Responsible Drinking

Arman Luczkow, Staff Writer

November 8, 2019

Oberlin will implement an online alcohol education tool called AlcoholEdu in the coming weeks. The program is designed to educate students on alcohol consumption and reduce harmful behavior associated with alcohol. In the future, AlcoholEdu will be a pre-matriculation requirement. For the current academic year, first and second-year students will be required to complete the course by Jan. 15. AlcoholEdu takes one to three hours and can be completed in multiple sittings. It is an interactive program that covers information including key definitions, what constitutes a standard drink, and the consequences of mixing alcohol with other substances. Although AlcoholEdu is not being implemented in response to a singular i...

Jaywalking Tickets Upset Students

Ella Moxley, Senior Staff Writer

September 13, 2019

Recent jaywalking tickets issued by the Oberlin Police Department have launched a campus-wide conversation about pedestrian safety on campus. Last week, the Oberlin Police Department barricaded the informal crosswalk on West Lorain Street connecting the Science Center to Wilder Bowl and issued three citations to students crossing there instead of down the street at the formal crosswalk. “This area was chosen to be shut down for several reasons; we've received several complaints, it's a highly jaywalked area, traffic moves at the 35mph speed limit here, and there is a REAL painted crosswalk about 100 feet down the road that should be used,” read a statement posted on the Oberlin Police Department’s Facebook pa...

Campus Safety, Student Health Services, and the Counseling Center are now located in Dascomb Hall. This move was arranged in an effort to make these services more accessible to students.

A New Home for Campus Safety, Student Health

September 13, 2019

Campus Safety, Student Health Services, and the Counseling Center have all moved locations into the newly remodeled first floor of Dascomb Hall. Administrators, Campus Safety officers, and Student Health providers believe that the move helps better address students’ needs by making the services more central to campus as well as by giving the departments more room and resources. The first floor of Dascomb previously housed a dining hall but was temporarily vacant when the dining hall was closed...

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