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Campus Safety, Student Health Services, and the Counseling Center are now located in Dascomb Hall. This move was arranged in an effort to make these services more accessible to students.

A New Home for Campus Safety, Student Health

September 13, 2019

Campus Safety, Student Health Services, and the Counseling Center have all moved locations into the newly remodeled first floor of Dascomb Hall. Administrators, Campus Safety officers, and Student Health providers believe that the move helps better address students’ needs by making the services more central to campus as well as by giving the departments more room and resources. The first floor of Dascomb previously housed a dining hall but was temporarily vacant when the dining hall was closed...

HIV Peer Testing Center in Time of Transition

HIV Peer Testing Center in Time of Transition

May 10, 2019

Oberlin’s HIV Peer Testing has been unable to offer private, free HIV tests for the past semester due to state-level changes in health funding and newly-updated standard practices around HIV testing. They anticipate that they will not be able to continue these services until spring 2021. The state level changes affect the group’s ability to utilize the Ohio Department of Health’s resources to confirm positive test results. Oberlin HIVPT has historically only been able to perform oral HIV t...

Office Manager Michele Spiroff talks to a student at the Counseling Center. Student Senate is gathering signatures for a petition to move Student Health Services and the Counseling
Center to a more central location on campus.

Petition Proposing Student Health Relocation Circulates Campus

April 29, 2016

In what could be the culmination of a year-long effort, student senators are attempting to rally support for their petition to move Student Health Services and the Counseling Center to a more central location on campus. Student Senate’s Student Health Working Group issued the petition April 18 via Facebook and email. It states that the current location of Student Health Services and the Counseling Center “prevents these resources from effectively serving students.” At press time, 530 students...

Mental Health Initiatives Reveal Where Student Opinion Heard Loudest

Editorial Board

September 4, 2015

Laundry prices and ObieID password changes notwithstanding, few things at Oberlin are as widely maligned as the College’s mental health resource infrastructure. While Student Health Services as a whole receives a significant amount of criticism from students year after year and while the College makes regular efforts to respond in due course, the way Oberlin handles mental health issues seems to consistently receive low marks. These resources are understandingly in high demand, since any environment in which academic pressure and personal stresses collide necessitates an effective outlet for seeking help. In line with the issue’s persistence, Dean of Students Eric Estes’ Aug. 25 email to students — which foc...

Nothing to Celebrate: Consent Posters Do More Harm Than Good

Anne Buckwalter, Contributing Writer

November 14, 2014

During a recent visit to Student Health Services, I noticed something I did not like at all emblazoned on one of the stock posters in the exam room. While I’m sure that many of these posters could be considered problematic due to racism, male supremacy and other fatal flaws, the one I noticed was about consent. It read, “83 percent of college men respect their partner’s wishes about sexual activity.” I’m almost impressed that such triggering, heterosexist and poorly planned content could all be contained in one poster. The poster was created by the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network in a campaign to involve men in the prevention of sexual assault. The RAINN poster seems to suggest that 83 percent represents...

The Invincibility Fallacy: Balancing Musical Ability with Physical Agility

Nora Kipnis, Arts Editor

March 14, 2014

One Wednesday during senior double-degree student Eliza­beth Castro-Abrams’s second semester at Oberlin, she suddenly felt an excruciating pain in her wrist. She complained of the pain to her violin teachers, who told her to ice and stretch, but it didn’t stop. Student Health Services wasn’t much help either. Despite nu­merous visits to various doctors, all of whom had different ideas about the injury’s origin, the pain eventually forced Castro-Abrams to drop all of her musical engagements for the rest of the semester. Prior to her injury, she’d been practicing violin up to eight hours a day — not unusual for a Conservatory student, she said — but the injury was completely unexpected. “You think you’re...

Student Health to Offer Free Emergency Contraception

Adiel Kaplan, Staff Writer

October 12, 2012

Student Health Services will offer free emergency contraception to students starting Oct. 15 as part of its compliance with the Affordable Care Act. Emergency contraception in the form of the morning after pill has previously been available through Student Health at reduced cost. According to the Sexual Information Center, Student Health has offered the morning after pill for $25 in the past, while CVS sells it for $50. This will be the first time Student Health will be offering the pills free of charge. The changes are being made in response to sections of the Affordable Care Act, which went into effect on Aug. 1, that require a variety of women’s health services to be provided free of charge. “Because...

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