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Off the Cuff: Jodi Dean, Professor of Political Science

Off the Cuff: Jodi Dean, Professor of Political Science

Louis Krauss, News editor
March 10
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Jodi Dean is a Political Science professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and has written multiple books on political theory and communist revolution. Dean’s 2016 book, Crowds and Party, explains why movements such as Occupy Wall Street were unable to maintain momentum after they ended and ex...

Russian Connections Warrant Investigation

Nathan Carpenter, Contributing Opinions Editor
February 17
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One of the most disturbing stories to come out of the brutal 2016 U.S. presidential election cycle was that Russian operatives, publicly encouraged by then-candidate Donald Trump, had allegedly hacked the Democratic National Committee in an attempt to tip the scales towards Trump, a much more pro-Russ...

Stalinist Left Attempts to Silence Free Speech

Bob Gross, Oberlin Visitor
February 10
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To the Editors: As much as those on the left see Trump as a Hitler in the White House, moderates like myself see the left as wanting a Stalin in the White House. In Stalin’s Soviet Union, speaking the truth resulted in a prison sentence — perhaps even execution. In a Stalinist manner, the left ...

Officials Reaffirm City’s Sanctuary Status

Officials Reaffirm City’s Sanctuary Status

Melissa Harris, News Editor
February 3
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In light of President Donald Trump’s executive actions to defund sanctuary cities and bar refugees from seven majority-Muslim countries last week, the city of Oberlin has committed itself to protecting its immigrant and refugee population. Both City Council and community members expressed disdain...

Off the Cuff: Theodore M. Shaw, Civil Rights Lawyer

Off the Cuff: Theodore M. Shaw, Civil Rights Lawyer

Oliver Bok, News Editor
December 2
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Theodore M. Shaw is the director of the Center for Civil Rights and the Julius L. Chambers Professor of Law at the University of North Carolina School of Law at Chapel Hill. He previously served as the fifth director-counsel and president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peo...

Trump Reveals True Character in First Debate

Ben Silverman, Contributing Writer
September 30
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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has confounded the country about his core values. His rambunctious arrival on the scene and subsequent climb in the polls left much of the U.S. confused as to why this particular candidate has slid into the political world. Since his candidacy announceme...

Protest Votes Selfish With Trump at Stake

September 30
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Ohio’s electoral votes have favored the winning candidate in 93 percent of presidential elections since 1900, and most polls currently show Republican nominee Donald Trump winning Ohio by a small margin this November. With so much at stake in the Buckeye state, now is not the time for a protest v...

McMullin Represents Inclusive Brand of Conservatism

Jack Derwin, Contributing Writer
September 30
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In a field of divisive candidates, Independent Evan McMullin hopes to represent a trustworthy alternative to the major parties’ presidential nominees, and his common-sense approach to policy and governing makes him just that candidate. I conducted a phone interview with Mr. McMullin on Sept. 19, and the...

Johnson-Weld Ticket Offers Experienced Leadership

Brandon Bobbitt, Oberlin resident
September 16
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To the Editors: For loyal Democrats and Republicans, there appear to be cruel choices to be made this fall, especially in the presidential race. Each of the major-party nominees is deeply flawed, and in a variety of ways. Do not assume for a minute, however, that voters will have only these two ch...

Trump’s Media Monopoly Siphons Populist Energy From Sanders Campaign

September 9
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Republican Nominee Donald Trump’s presidential bid — the big­gest political story of the year — has commanded an unprecedented control of the media cycle. By the end of February 2016, Trump had amassed nearly $2 billion in earned media coverage, which includes social media mentions and any ap­pearances...

Trump Campaign Aided by Mainstream Media

Alec Perlow, Contributing Writer
September 2
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Mainstream media is seemingly disdainful of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump but can’t stop talking about him. A study by Politico found that Trump’s media coverage was valued at approximately $55 million. Mainstream media took the public fascination and capitalized on it, abandoning its role...

Established 1874.