Stalinist Left Attempts to Silence Free Speech

Bob Gross, Oberlin Visitor

To the Editors:

As much as those on the left see Trump as a Hitler in the White House, moderates like myself see the left as wanting a Stalin in the White House.

In Stalin’s Soviet Union, speaking the truth resulted in a prison sentence — perhaps even execution. In a Stalinist manner, the left uses political correctness to silence free speech and dissenting thought, even willing to use violence against anyone who differs from them.

In Stalin’s Soviet Union, the people believed the government was lying to them and government propaganda was printed in the newspapers.

Except for the leftists in this country, the people didn’t believe what Hillary Clinton was telling them during her campaign, and they also believed the newspapers were reporting lies and exaggerations about Donald Trump.

I don’t believe those who voted for Trump were trying to put Hitler in the White House; I believe they were trying to keep Stalin out of the White House.

– Bob Gross
Oberlin visitor