In the Locker Room with Christine Antonsen

This week the Review sat down with the Captain of women’s volleyball, junior Christine Antonsen to discuss grueling workouts, the new season and Old Spice Swagger.

Rose Stoloff, Sports Editor

What was your favorite moment of preseason?

I don’t know, but can I tell you what my least favorite moment was instead? It was doing a pool workout with field hockey. It was really tiring and I almost drowned.

What did you have to do?

So much hard stuff. They threw us in the pool and we were sprinting, but in the deep end, and we couldn’t touch and we couldn’t stop. I’m not a swimmer.

What are you looking forward to the most this season?

I’m just really excited for pretty much every game because I love playing and the team’s really great and it’s gonna be good. I’m really excited for all of our conference games, especially any game against Kenyon [College].

What makes the volleyball team unique?

The volleyball team is unique in that we all are so incredibly different, have different passions, dress differently, come from different backgrounds, etc., yet we mesh so well together.

What’s your favorite OCVB memory?

Last year at the conference tournament versus Allegheny [College], I served and hit one of the players in the face and it bounced off her face and hit her teammate in the face.

When did you start playing volleyball?

I first started playing volleyball in high school. I went into high school tryouts my freshman year having never touched a volleyball and never seen a game.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

When I play volleyball I wear men’s deodorant. I wear Old Spice Swagger. I’ve never not worn men’s deodorant.

What’s your favorite song on your team’s warm-up playlist?

“Tootsee Roll” [by 69 Boyz] and Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.”

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?


If you could improve one thing about your playing, what would it be?

To not be so awkward when I move. I’m pretty uncoordinated.

What do you think is the team’s strength this year?

We’re so strong, I don’t know. Everyone on the team is incredibly dedicated and committed. Either that or that everyone’s just awesome.

What do you plan on doing differently this year?

I am not planning on doing anything different. The main difference is what my focus is on and that is to stay healthy so I can last through the season this year.

If you could be the best athlete in the world at any other sport what would it be?

Probably rugby, because I really miss contact sports and I want to just tackle people. But I wouldn’t want to be tackled, so I’d have to be really good.