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Co-curators David Berger and Holly Maxson visited Oberlin to discuss bassist and photographer Milt Hinton’s exhibit at the Allen Memorial Art Museum.

On the Record with Hinton Collection Curators

November 7, 2014

This week, David Berger and Holly Maxson, co-curators of the Milton J. and Mona C. Hinton Collection, visited Oberlin to discuss the current exhibit of legendary bassist and photographer Milt Hinton’s photography at the Allen Memorial Art Museum. Executors of Hinton’s estate also donated four of Hinton’s own basses along with a collection of the bassist’s papers, including everything from correspondence to memorable contracts. Berger, a lifelong friend of Hinton, collaborated on the artist’s awa...

On the Record with Gregory Walker, Classical Violinist

Colin Roshak

October 31, 2014

Violinist Gregory Walker is visiting this week to work with the Oberlin Orchestra as it prepares “Poeme for Violin and Orchestra,” a piece composed by his father, George Walker, OC ’41. Walker spoke to the Review about his career as a violinist and his relationship with his father. Colin Roshak: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Gregory Walker: My name is Gregory Walker; I play the violin. I’m fortunate enough to be the son of composer George Walker, and as a result, I find myself in a position of having to be his ambassador on the stage from time to time, especially when he comes up with these phenomenal, complex, mind boggling works for violin or violin and orchestra. CR: How did you start...

On the Record with Conductor Raphael Jiménez and Composer Ricardo Lorenz

Colin Roshak

October 3, 2014

Raphael Jiménez conducted the Oberlin Orchestra for the world premiere of composer Ricardo Lorenz’s “Olokun’s Awakening” in the Orchestra’s first concert of the semester last Saturday. The composer arrived on campus several days before the premiere to collaborate with Jiménez and coach the Orchestra in its final rehearsals. The Review spoke with both musicians about their collaborative history and the creative process behind “Olokun’s Awakening.” How did you two get your start in music? Ricardo Lorenz: I started in a rock band in Caracas, in Venezuela where I’m from. It was a sort of fusion rock band with a bunch of friends. Eventually all of us ended up in conservatory there. Raphael Jim...

Guitarist Matt Gold, OC ’13, and percussionist Nate Friedman, OC ’13, chat with the Review outside the Kohl Building. The duo, known as SUN SPEAK, performed on Thursday night.

On the Record with Alumni Band SUN SPEAK

September 19, 2014

Guitarist Matt Gold, OC ’13, and percussionist Nate Friedman, OC ’13, who perform as the band SUN SPEAK, performed together in Clonick Hall Thursday night. Before their performance, the duo, who were excited to debut some of their latest work from their new EP, Light Blue Light, spoke with the Review about Vietnamese food, Coltrane and returning to campus. What is it like being back on campus? Nate Friedman: All of the same people but none of the same people. Matt Gold: It’s all o...

Chair of the Biology Department Mary Garvin (left), Biology Administrative Assistant Twila Colley and Professor of Biology Keith Tarvin make up Twila and the GiTarvins, a folk and country band that played last Friday at the Cat in the Cream as part of Folkfest.

On the Record with Faculty Folk and Country Band Twila and the G’Tarvins

May 9, 2014

This week, the Review sat down with Twila and the G’Tarvins, composed of Chair of the Biology Department and disease ecologist Mary Garvin, her husband, Associate Professor of Biology and behavioral ecologist Keith Tarvin and Twila Colley, the Biology Department’s administrative assistant. The band discussed its changing name, favorite genres and hidden talents. How did your band get started? Keith Tarvin: Last fall Debbie Mull, who was the facilities manager of [the Science Center] re...

'Safe+Sound' organizers College junior Sophie Hess (left) and College sophomore Tinni Bhattacharyya pose on the steps of the Tappan Square bandstand during their exhibition. The exhibition featured a combination of anonymously submitted personal stories of sexualized violence and works
of art by Oberlin students.

On the Record with Organizers of ‘Safe+Sound’ Sexualized Violence Exhibition

May 2, 2014

Last Thursday, multimedia exhibition Safe+Sound went on display in the Tappan Square bandstand to raise awareness of sexualized violence in the Oberlin community. The day before the exhibition, the Review spoke with the event’s organizers, College sophomore Tinni Bhattacharyya and College junior Sophie Hess about the process of putting the exhibition together and how they hope to accomplish their goal. What is the origin of Safe+Sound? Tinni Bhattacharyya: The project started because both of u...

College seniors and Editors-in-Chief of the Plum Creek Review Zack Knoll (left) and Ryann Eastman met with the Review this week to talk about the publication’s upcoming 50th anniversary issue.

On the Record with Editors-in-Chief on 50th Anniversary of ‘Plum Creek Review’

April 25, 2014

This semester, the Plum Creek Review — Oberlin’s oldest literary and arts magazine —will be celebrating its 50th anniversary with a special edition to commemorate its history and longstanding presence on campus. The Review spoke with Editors in-Chief and College seniors Ryann Eastman and Zack Knoll to get the inside scoop on the production of the Plum Creek Review and what to expect in the anticipated 50th anniversary edition. Can you tell me a little bit about the Plum Creek Review? ...

College seniors Jeremy Rubinstein and Hayley Larson and junior Donal Sheets joined forces this semester to organize Dandelion Romp, which took place last weekend. The Review sat down with them this week to discuss Dandelion Romp’s history, the contra community and the event’s highlights.

On the Record with Co-Chairs of Annual Dandelion Romp Contradance Festival

April 18, 2014

College seniors Jeremy Rubinstein and Hayley Larson and junior Donal Sheets joined forces this semester to organize Dandelion Romp, which took place last weekend. The Review sat down with them this week to discuss Dandelion Romp’s history, the contra community and the event’s highlights. So what exactly is Dandelion Romp? Jeremy Rubinstein: It’s a three-day-long festival of primarily contra dancing, but [it] also includes other forms of folk dance and folk music. Sometimes there is m...

 Poet Steve Roggenbuck takes a selfie in front of Mudd library despite the extreme Ohio cold. Roggenbuck gave a workshop on social media self-promotion in Wilder and a poetry reading at Fairchild Chapel this past Saturday.

On the Record: Steve Roggenbuck

March 14, 2014

This past Saturday, poet Steve Roggen­buck, renowned for his use of the Internet to create a new form of poetry and relation­ship with an audience, held a workshop and poetry reading in Oberlin. As soon as he arrived in Oberlin, the Review sat down with him in DeCafé to ask him about the Internet as an artistic realm of expression, building a readership and making a living as a poet. Why did you choose the Internet as a medium for sharing your poetry? I like the Internet because it reaches p...

Essence and Dance Diaspora members rehearse an energetic moment from dance performance Queens Rule, which will play this Friday and Saturday in Warner Main Space. From left, performers are College sophomore Donnay Edmund, College senior Koryn Lockett, College sophomore Mark Sikorski, College junior Aldrumesia Baker, College junior Kara Mahon, guest dancer Tiachelle “Ty” Clifford, College junior Gifty Dominah and College sophomore Sophie Umazi Mvurya.

On the Record: Adenike Sharpley on Dance, Feminism and the Demise of Hip-Hop

March 7, 2014

This Friday and Saturday, Essence will present Queens Rule, a dance performance that tells the story of hip-hop music and dance, from its roots in West African beats, through its activist beginnings, to the genre’s current commercialization. The show is particularly aimed at questioning how women’s bodies are portrayed in hip-hop, and how this objectification came about in a genre that at first was aimed at breaking down binaries of power and privilege. Adenike Sharpley, an artist in residence...

From left, College seniors Sally Decker and Claire Morton and Conservatory junior Elise Moltz scout out a potential location for an as-yet-unnamed collaborative art project. Last semester, the trio worked on “ZOO,” a similar project on which they hope to improve this semester with more artists and a unifying theme.

On the Record with Claire Morton and Elise Moltz, Organizers of Collaborative Art Project

February 28, 2014

Conservatory junior Elise Moltz and College seniors Sally Decker and Claire Morton joined forces last semester to help put on a collaborative art presentation titled “ZOO.” They’re back in the collaborative art game this semester, but fans of “ZOO” can expect to see a few changes. Though Sally wasn’t present, I sat down with Claire and Elise, on Tuesday afternoon for coffee and a discussion on the importance of collaborative arts in the Oberlin community. What is your project and how d...

On the Record: Joel Ginn, Sound Tech Engineer for The Dead Hear Footsteps

Anne Pride-Wilt, Arts Editor

February 14, 2014

Joel Ginn, a College senior, is the sound tech engineer for The Dead Hear Footsteps, a weekly noir-comedy radio show created in 2000. Having worked on the show for five semesters, Joel knows the ins and outs of creating a serial radio drama. The show will air this semester on WOBC 91.5 FM at 5 p.m. every Sunday, and a live finale will be performed at the Cat in the Cream at the end of the semester.   From what I've heard, The Dead Hear Footsteps is now something of an institution. Can you tell me about its history?   We are in season 25 right now. The Dead Hear Footsteps was started as a Winter Term project by [Ben Rubin OC ‘94]. … Each season is a semester, so there’s some math there. I jo...

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