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On The Record: Kuh-Lida Chats on the Creative Process, Opening for a Hero

Julia Hubay, Arts Editor

September 20, 2013

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Can you begin by talking about your new mixtape and the process you went through creating it? Yeah, it started on a track-by-track basis; this was a collection of things I was working on last year and through the beginning of the summer. A lot of the early stuff came around the same time that Stereocure was doing the fall tour last year. But the material I was working on at the time really did not seem like the type of stuff I would like to be playing out live, so I had it just sitting on the backburners as I was generating all this more party [appropriate] material, [which] culminated in the last thing I put out before this tape [High Top Blazers]. After I got back from [the tour and] put this last thing out, al...

On the Record: College senior Llewie Nuñez, starring as Joyce’s daughter in Lucia

Robert Salazar

February 8, 2013

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Tell me about the first day of working on Lucia Mad. What did you see as the challenge? When [Moser] was talking to me specifically at the very beginning of the process, a lot of our conversations centered around making this character relatable to the audience because she’s kind of a larger-than- life type of person. She was like that in real life; I mean, this is a real person. I’ve read a lot of biographical stuff on her and seen a lot of pictures, and she was a card. Do people still say that, “a card?” [Laughs.] In the play, [her peculiarities] are even more exaggerated for theater. So how do we make sure that audiences connect with her and root for her? That sort of emotional empathy is important for ...

On the Record with Lisa Abend OC ’86

Monica Klein, Opinions Editor

May 13, 2011

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In March, B.R. Myers wrote a piece in The Atlantic (“The Moral Crusade Against Foodies”), criticizing both chefs’ and food critics’ gluttonous tendencies and reverential treatment of their subject. In your reporting, did you ever share any of Myers’s feelings while researching Ferran Adrià’s and his co-chefs’ nearly religious treatment of dinner meals? (Or, do you disagree entirely with Myers?) First of all, I wouldn’t say that the approach of Adrià and his chefs is religious or near-religious — to me, the word implies a kind of awe that I don’t think applies here (the meal may inspire awe in the diner, but that’s a different question). At elBulli, they take a very workman-like approach not...

On the Record: Author Sara Marcus OC ’99

Beatrice Rothbaum, Editor-In-Chief

April 22, 2011

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Can you tell me a little about what inspired you to write Girls To The Front? I was inspired to write it because riot grrrl had been this incredibly formative thing for me in my life, and I felt like the story was getting lost and only certain parts of it were surviving and other parts of it were totally falling by the wayside. At a certain point when I realized that riot grrrl was worth having a book about, I knew that I wanted to write it before some rock critic who was going to miss the [movement’s] grassroots aspect and miss the parts about what it is to be an adolescent female trying to make your way in the world and articulate your identity. I knew I wanted to get there first. Why do you think it’s important for...

On the Record: The Mysterious Daniel Johnston

Beatrice Rothbaum, Editor-In-Chief

April 15, 2011

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There are a lot of compilations of your work, like the Story of An Artist box set that was released last year. Are you still fond of your earlier recordings? I don’t really listen to it that much, but when I’m with friends sometimes and they put it on, it’s not bad to hear it. Then I think, ‘Wow, I write pretty good, I wonder if I can still do it.’ Then when I’m writing, I think, ‘This is a bit more advanced. And it’s gonna be better than that on real records with good production.’ So, for the most part it’s still the same, except I’m recording in a real studio. You have a new comic book coming out— Yeah, Space Ducks. Can you tell me a little about it? It’s about the adventures ...

On The Record: The Vivian Girls

Beatrice Rothbaum, Editor-in-Chief

April 6, 2011

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Perhaps the most significant lo-fi act to emerge from the Brooklyn scene in the last few years, the Vivian Girls followed their 2008 self-titled debut with Everything Goes Wrong in 2009. The trio’s songs tend to consist of two or three chords apiece, the vocals are often off-key and the lyrics are repetitive and simplistic. While this may be a typical punk rock formula, the Vivian Girls take that rudimentary noise blueprint and twist it into a storm of passion and anguish. The band inspires fierce dedication and just-as-fierce disdain because that’s how rock music should be — edgy and exciting and evocative on a gut level. For a seeming straightforward punk band, the Vivian Girls’ influence is visible in a gro...

On the Record: Roni Horn

Jimmy Hagan, Arts Editor

March 11, 2011

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You’re going to be doing a critique this afternoon. As art students, we do critiques all the time. Do you have any advice for students on how to critique their peers? I’m not really good with advice but the way I like to run critiques focuses on the experience of the audience. I like to encourage the audience to speak about what their experience of the work is. I like to restrict the author of the work so that it’s not a [situation] where the creative individual is basically standing up and saying what they did. It’s really more about letting the work speak for itself. … In a setting like a college, it’s a really great opportunity for an artist to have an audience with no agenda other than to develop ...

On the Record: Carolina Chocolate Drops

Ian Seeley, Managing Editor

February 25, 2011

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What was your most memorable experience at the Grammys, other than winning? [Laughs] I was really sick, so it was all kind of a blur. I mean, it all was memorable. I have to say probably seeing Bobby McFerrin and Esperanza Spalding — who later won the Best New Artist — seeing them do a duet at the beginning of the non-telecast portion. It was amazing. The Carolina Chocolate Drops have a live show with a lot going on, such as dancing and the group giving the historical backgrounds of songs. When you record, do you take any special approaches in addressing the recording studio’s limitations? It’s hard to capture a live feel in the studio. We know what we’re doing this next time, we are recording...

Interview with the JACK Quartet

Interview with the JACK Quartet

February 25, 2011

Why “JACK”? Ari Streisfeld: It’s an acronym — John, Ari, Chris and Kevin. We specialize in contemporary music, and one of the first pieces we played together was the third string quartet by Helmut Lachenmann, the German composer. It’s called “Grido,” which means “scream” in Italian. But it is also an acronym for the members of the Arditti Quartet, for whom [the piece] was written. While we were working on it, we were joking around saying, “If this piece was written for us, ...

On the Record: Guest Director Barney O’Hanlon

Jimmy Hagan, Arts Editor

February 18, 2011

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Can you elaborate on the production’s usage of the Viewpoints method (an acting technique developed by Anne Bogart, the founder of the renowned New York based acting institution, the SITI Company)? Did you see the training in the Viewpoints technique pay off onstage? The cast trained in both Suzuki and the Viewpoints method. Suzuki is an intensely rigorous practice to hone in on concentration, focus, body awareness and intense listening. Viewpoints is also about … listening, but is more about getting in touch with impulse and intuition. Both trainings help cultivate ensemble sensibility, awareness of the others and a very strong presence. I couldn't do any of the shows I do without them. They are part of my c...

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