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On the Record: Tim Page, Acclaimed Music Critic and Visiting Scholar

February 13, 2015

Pulitzer Prize–winning music critic and editor Tim Page, the visiting scholar-in-residence for the spring semester, is teaching the Advanced Music Criticism class for both College and Conservatory students this semester. His musical background propelled him into a fruitful journalism career, writing for publications including The New York Times, The New Yorker and The Washington Post. Page sat down with the Review Wednesday afternoon to discuss his move to Oberlin, Bob Dylan and retro New York. ...

On the Record with Caroline Jackson-Smith

Danny Evans, Arts Editor

February 6, 2015

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Over Winter Term, Caroline Jackson-Smith, professor of Africana Studies and Theater, directed Dessa Rose, a musical about slavery in the antebellum South. Dessa Rose follows a long line of politically and socially conscious plays that Jackson-Smith has put on at and outside of Oberlin. The Review spoke with her about what to expect from the upcoming production. Why did you choose to put on Dessa Rose? Is there a particular reason why this year felt like the “right” year for it? Well, that’s kind of ironic, because we actually picked it several years ago. The way we have to pick shows in the Theater department, we have to look over a few-year time period. ... Also, because this was a musical, we wante...

On the Record with Bad Writing Organizers Srijit Ghosh and Paris Gravely

Vida Weisblum, Arts Editor

December 12, 2014

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College seniors Paris Gravely and Srijit Ghosh joined forces to organize a celebratory weekend of poetry titled Bad Writing, in which they brought poets Jaswinder Bolina, Tarfia Faizullah and Richard Siken to campus. The two Creative Writing majors shared their experiences in putting together the student-centric event. So, what was the impetus for hosting the Bad Writing event this weekend? Were you urged by faculty to do this? Srijit Ghosh: [Paris Gravely and I] wanted to bring some poets to campus because we really felt like there wasn’t enough programing coming from the students. Faculty bring poets; Kazim [Ali, Creative Writing department chair] brings a bunch of famous people [to Oberlin], but very in...

On the Record with Kestrel Felt and Olivia de Toma, Pericles Stage Managers

Vida Weisblum, Arts Editor

December 5, 2014

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This week, the Review sat down with Pericles stage manager and College junior Kestrel Felt and assistant stage manager and College sophomore Olivia de Toma to discuss their involvement in the upcoming adapted main stage production of Shakespeare’s Pericles. They were excited to share news about transitioning onto the main stage, Renaissance literature and 20-foot puppets. I’ve heard you’re both pouring your hearts and souls into Pericles. Why is Pericles so exciting and important? Olivia de Toma: Olivia nods vigorously! [Laughs.] Kestrel Felt: I care a lot about Pericles because I am also an English major, and I have been focusing a lot on Renaissance literature and trying to combine my interest in ...

On the Record with Founders of New Campus Zine ‘Treasures’

Colin Roshak, Staff Writer

November 21, 2014

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This week, College juniors Sadie Oliver-Grey and Katalina Cabrera spoke with the Review about their new zine publication, “Treasures.”Afterasuccessfulfirst printing, Oliver-Grey and Cabrera are on the lookout for fresh creative talent and welcome submissions in the effort to expand and develop their enterprise. Could you introduce yourselves? Sadie Oliver-Grey: My name is Sadie Oliver-Grey. I’m a third-year Psychology [major]; I’m from California. [Cabrera and I] went to high school together, and now we go to college together. Katalina Cabrera: I’m Katalina. I’m also a third year, and I’m a Cinema Studies major. Tell me about “Treasures.” KC: I guess we were frustrated that there weren’t mor...

On the Record with Hinton Collection Curators

On the Record with Hinton Collection Curators

November 7, 2014

This week, David Berger and Holly Maxson, co-curators of the Milton J. and Mona C. Hinton Collection, visited Oberlin to discuss the current exhibit of legendary bassist and photographer Milt Hinton’s photography at the Allen Memorial Art Museum. Executors of Hinton’s estate also donated four of Hinton’s own basses along with a collection of the bassist’s papers, including everything from correspondence to memorable contracts. Berger, a lifelong friend of Hinton, collaborated on the artist’s awa...

On the Record with Gregory Walker, Classical Violinist

Colin Roshak

October 31, 2014

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Violinist Gregory Walker is visiting this week to work with the Oberlin Orchestra as it prepares “Poeme for Violin and Orchestra,” a piece composed by his father, George Walker, OC ’41. Walker spoke to the Review about his career as a violinist and his relationship with his father. Colin Roshak: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Gregory Walker: My name is Gregory Walker; I play the violin. I’m fortunate enough to be the son of composer George Walker, and as a result, I find myself in a position of having to be his ambassador on the stage from time to time, especially when he comes up with these phenomenal, complex, mind boggling works for violin or violin and orchestra. CR: How did you start...

On the Record with Conductor Raphael Jiménez and Composer Ricardo Lorenz

Colin Roshak

October 3, 2014

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Raphael Jiménez conducted the Oberlin Orchestra for the world premiere of composer Ricardo Lorenz’s “Olokun’s Awakening” in the Orchestra’s first concert of the semester last Saturday. The composer arrived on campus several days before the premiere to collaborate with Jiménez and coach the Orchestra in its final rehearsals. The Review spoke with both musicians about their collaborative history and the creative process behind “Olokun’s Awakening.” How did you two get your start in music? Ricardo Lorenz: I started in a rock band in Caracas, in Venezuela where I’m from. It was a sort of fusion rock band with a bunch of friends. Eventually all of us ended up in conservatory there. Raphael Jim...

On the Record with Alumni Band SUN SPEAK

On the Record with Alumni Band SUN SPEAK

September 19, 2014

Guitarist Matt Gold, OC ’13, and percussionist Nate Friedman, OC ’13, who perform as the band SUN SPEAK, performed together in Clonick Hall Thursday night. Before their performance, the duo, who were excited to debut some of their latest work from their new EP, Light Blue Light, spoke with the Review about Vietnamese food, Coltrane and returning to campus. What is it like being back on campus? Nate Friedman: All of the same people but none of the same people. Matt Gold: It’s all o...

On the Record with Faculty Folk and Country Band Twila and the G’Tarvins

On the Record with Faculty Folk and Country Band Twila and the G’Tarvins

May 9, 2014

This week, the Review sat down with Twila and the G’Tarvins, composed of Chair of the Biology Department and disease ecologist Mary Garvin, her husband, Associate Professor of Biology and behavioral ecologist Keith Tarvin and Twila Colley, the Biology Department’s administrative assistant. The band discussed its changing name, favorite genres and hidden talents. How did your band get started? Keith Tarvin: Last fall Debbie Mull, who was the facilities manager of [the Science Center] re...

On the Record with Organizers of ‘Safe+Sound’ Sexualized Violence Exhibition

On the Record with Organizers of ‘Safe+Sound’ Sexualized Violence Exhibition

May 2, 2014

Last Thursday, multimedia exhibition Safe+Sound went on display in the Tappan Square bandstand to raise awareness of sexualized violence in the Oberlin community. The day before the exhibition, the Review spoke with the event’s organizers, College sophomore Tinni Bhattacharyya and College junior Sophie Hess about the process of putting the exhibition together and how they hope to accomplish their goal. What is the origin of Safe+Sound? Tinni Bhattacharyya: The project started because both of u...

On the Record with Editors-in-Chief on 50th Anniversary of ‘Plum Creek Review’

On the Record with Editors-in-Chief on 50th Anniversary of ‘Plum Creek Review’

April 25, 2014

This semester, the Plum Creek Review — Oberlin’s oldest literary and arts magazine —will be celebrating its 50th anniversary with a special edition to commemorate its history and longstanding presence on campus. The Review spoke with Editors in-Chief and College seniors Ryann Eastman and Zack Knoll to get the inside scoop on the production of the Plum Creek Review and what to expect in the anticipated 50th anniversary edition. Can you tell me a little bit about the Plum Creek Review? ...

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