Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

It Gets Better Promotes Hazardous Quietism Among At-Risk Population

Benjamin Morrison, Columnist March 11, 2011

I should preface this article by saying that I think Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project, a suicide-prevention project for LGBTQ youth, is saving lives. I have no evidence for this except common sense...

Education Reform Focuses Solely on Schoolteachers: Social Services Determine Student Success

Monica Klein, Opinions Editor March 11, 2011

Americans have always excelled at denial: I won’t gain weight if I eat this cheeseburger; my sneakers weren’t made by a child in China; this war in Afghanistan won’t go on for 10 more years. We dismiss...

The Incoherence of “Political Correctness”

Gil Spears March 11, 2011

To the Editors: Although the content of Dan Savage’s speech last week may not be worth in-depth reflection, I do think his visit is a good occasion for us to meditate on the prevailing political...

Gaddafi Actions in Libya Require Military Intervention

Alex Posa March 11, 2011

The time has come for the African Union or the UN to enter Libya. If we can’t use our weight to coerce international organizations to stop the brutality, we must enter with support from our allies. With...

Charge the Real Domestic Terrorists

David E. Sonner March 11, 2011

To the Editors: What a joy it was to read that the state of West Virginia has enacted anti-domestic terrorism legislation (The Oberlin Review, Feb 11, 2011). To quote from the article, "Under West Virginia...

The Economics of Union Busting

George Berry, Columnist March 11, 2011

The recent passage of SB5 in the Ohio State Senate marks another blow to the workers’ right to negotiate with large and often impersonal employers. If the bill passes the House, Ohio’s 350,000 public...

America Approaching Class Warfare

Pete Sabo March 11, 2011

“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention” is the most appropriate maxim to apply to what’s been happening in the past weeks across the U.S. in the battle for labor unions against...

Lena Taylor vs. Adrian Fenty: The Struggle for the Soul of the Demcratic Party

Shannon Ikebe, Staff Writer March 11, 2011

“The day of infamy for Wisconsin workers.” This is how one of the Wisconsin’s 14 Democratic Senators described the Republicans’ illegal “passage” of the union-busting bill on Wednesday in a...

Peace and Conflict Studies Group Explains Goals

Allegra Fonda-Bonardi and Al Carroll March 11, 2011

To the Editors: Think the nonviolent revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Libya, Bahrain, etc. are spontaneous? Think again! News sources as diverse as the New York Times, the BBC and Radio...

Active Minds Explains Goals

Active Minds March 4, 2011

To the Editors: It has been brought to the attention of Active Minds at Oberlin that some students have been worried about the nature of the posters around campus intended to raise awareness for National...

Pondering Cross-Atlantic Pedagogies

Rina Seegoolam March 4, 2011

The syllabus of my first history class at Oberlin College stated that the class would have six discussion sessions that would last the entire class. As an exchange student, I was very surprised and thought...

Oberlin Students for Israel Respond to Criticism

Oberlin Students for Israel March 4, 2011

To the Editors: Last week, Sgt. Benjamin Anthony said that real peace needs to be more than just a political agreement, a sentiment with which Oberlin Students for Israel wholeheartedly agrees....

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