Cat Introduces Changes to Enforce Occupancy Limit

Tom Reid

Thanks for bringing attention to issues associated with the large crowd that attended the Anis Mojgani performance at the Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse on Sept. 15. We take the occupancy limit seriously, and in response to managing editor Alice McAdams’s published account we have established the following safeguards in order to avoid overcrowding during shows for which we anticipate a large audience, beginning with the Mirah concert this coming Saturday: Tables will be removed in order to maximize room for people. Aisles will be taped off from the front entrance to the counter and across the room to the north doors. These aisles will be “no parking” zones. When doors open at 7:30 p.m., staff will be stationed at the front entrance to count audience members and to stop admission if the maximum safe occupancy is reached. Staff will also stamp hands as people enter. A hand stamp will be required for re-entry. Additional staff will be stationed at the north doors, which will remain closed. Folks may exit through the north doors, but entrance will be permitted only through the front door.

–Tom Reid Associate Director, Student Union