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Psychology Project Exemplifies Racial Microaggressions

Jasmine Eshkar, College senior

December 12, 2014

To the Editors: When I read the description for my final project in my Psychology Research Methods II class, I was appalled and frustrated to find that it mentioned incarceration in ways that perpetuated racist and classist notions about who is incarcerated and why. The project description explained that in a fictitious experiment, grade school students were forced to work next to prisoners as part of a summer program to show them “the terrible price of crime.” It failed to acknowledge the fact that people are incarcerated at disproportionate rates for the same socially defined “crimes” depending on their race. The imaginary school board in the project stated that small behavioral problems “eventually...

The Epicurean: Hidden Hometown Treasures

Matt Segall, Columnist

December 12, 2014

This is a biweekly column highlighting our local culinary scene. Restaurant reviews, research, interviews, recipes and more will all come together in order to identify what makes the Cleveland experience unique. For the most part, eating out in Oberlin is not a memorable experience. That’s why, in my coverage thus far, I have focused on dining establishments outside of Oberlin. We are lucky to be in an area with such a rich history, which is quickly achieving national recognition not just for food, but for art, music and sports — we’re looking at you, LeBron. Get out to Cleveland and take advantage of what the city has to offer! However, even in the small town of Oberlin, there are some standout dishes that des...

Frandsen Presents on Current College Finances

Oliver Bok, Staff Writer

December 5, 2014

Mike Frandsen, the vice president for Finance and Administration, gave students a broad overview of Oberlin’s revenue and expenses on Monday amid widespread student concern that the College isn’t doing enough to make Oberlin more affordable. According to Frandsen, gross tuition — the sticker price that does not include financial aid — has increased by 4 percent on average over the last five years. Net student tuition — the actual amount of money collected from students after factoring in financial aid — has increased by 5.9 percent per year since 2011. Financial aid has increased by an average of 5 percent per year during the same time period. “Eighty-two percent of our projected revenues for...

Graduating Senior Reflects on Sidewalk Etiquette

Anasuya Shekhar, College senior

November 14, 2014

To the Editors: As I prepare to graduate this December, I think back on the many experiences I have had here at Oberlin College. Some have been middling; others have been pretty nice. I could not be happier, however, that I will never have one particular experience again, and that is playing real-life Frogger as I attempt to avoid being hit by people’s loogies. Often, as I walk along the sidewalk, minding my own business, the person in front of me hucks a giant gob of spit out of their mouth. If I am not quick, it will land on me. My reflexes have quickened after four years here, but every miss is narrow. I know I’m not alone. I know there are other students on this campus who live in fear of being indirectly...

General Faculty Committees Need Students

Ben Libbey, Student Senator

November 14, 2014

To the Editors: One of the most significant ways in which Oberlin students can have an impact on College governance and policy is through General Faculty committees. These committees focus on specific topics and consist of faculty, administration and student members. The purpose of these committees is to assist and collaborate in the internal governance of the College and to formulate and propose policy. Most committees have a number of seats reserved for students. Unfortunately, a large number of these seats remain unfilled due to lack of applicants and interest from students. The following committees have openings for students: Academic Calendar Admissions and Financial Aid Advising Assessment Athletics Community-Based...

Pipeline to Transport Gas through Oberlin

Pipeline to Transport Gas through Oberlin

November 14, 2014

Spectra Energy has moved forward with its plan to build a 250-mile gas pipeline through Oberlin. Spectra, an S&P 500 company, plans on investing up to $1.5 billion into the NEXUS pipeline, which would span from upper Ohio to Ontario and deliver up to 2 billion cubic feet of gas to the Midwest and Canada every day. Earlier this month, the City Council submitted its Community Bill of Rights informing Spectra that they consider the pipeline illegal. Spectra’s responses — which, accor...

Self-Awareness, Humor Can Make Oberlin Approachable

CJ Blair, Columnist

November 7, 2014

Oberlin is known globally for its art programs, liberal views and political activism. But what about its sense of humor? If this is a school that does so much good for the world, why are its students often labeled unreachable and intimidating by outsiders? There’s room for debate about that, but I’m inclined to say that it’s because Oberlin students tend to take themselves too seriously. There’s hardly a school out there as distinct as Oberlin. Why, then, are we hesitant to have a sense of humor about ourselves? While a proposal to laugh at ourselves may sound odd, I’ve seen it applied in extremely productive ways at other colleges. Over fall break, I visited a friend at the University of Chicago. Though...

For Sustainable Design, New Club Turns to Nature

Dyani Sabin

November 7, 2014

If you want to know how to create more sustainable architecture, you might want to ask the birds and the bees. At least that’s what the members of Oberlin’s first-ever Biomimicry Club, an organization that aims to bring Oberlin toward sustainable living based on designs found in nature, might tell you. According to its founder, College sophomore Olivia Scott, the purpose of biomimicry is essentially to “use nature to solve your problems,” or to base industrial and sustainable designs on those found in nature. “Nature has had 3.8 billion years of evolution, so you’re using that as a design but also as inspiration,” said Scott. Examples of possible biomimetic designs are air conditioners ...

Just Ask Us: GoYeo or Stevie?

Jolie De Feis and Mike Plotz

November 7, 2014

Welcome back to the second installment of “Just Ask Us and We’ll Tell Ya” with Jolie and Mike. We know it’s been a hard and long two weeks (my God, three weeks!) with this pesky break keeping us apart from one another, but we’re happy to be back, and it is our firm opinion that you are, too. Browsing the internet, as we do daily, and scouring Yik Yak, which we also do daily, it occurred to us that there should be no more beating around the bush. We must answer the question that’s been on everyone’s mind: Would you rather say “GoYeo!” at the end of every sentence or eat Stevie food for the rest of your life? (Question obtained courtesy of Yik Yak and the wildly creative mind of Remington Runnfeldt...

New Bakery Comes to Main Street

New Bakery Comes to Main Street

November 7, 2014

The Blue Rooster Bakehouse, which is taking the place of B. McK’s Public House in downtown Oberlin, will open Nov. 15, stocked with cakes, pies, pastries, bagels and other baked goods. Wendy Boes, who runs the bakery with her husband Leo, said she hoped that her establishment would create a unique niche in the Oberlin community. “Everything we’re making is really homey and scratch-made — what your grandma’s kitchen would be like,” she said. “I think the fact that you can sit dow...

Obies Must Support Public Transit

Jillian Hostetler, College sophomore

October 31, 2014

To the Editors: It’s no secret that the millennial generation is recognized as an agent of change. Millennials are already hailed as people who will take the ideas of past generations and make them a reality. As Oberlin students, this is something many of us realize. In a lot of ways, we have already taken action to benefit the world around us. We are known as a place where people have strong opinions that they stand up and fight for. We know what we want the world around us to look like, so we aim to change whatever holds us back, whether that is a social norm or a public policy. Earlier this year, Governor of Ohio John Kasich approved a $3 billion transportation plan, with most of the money going towards...

Sachs Convocation Exemplifies Biased, Neoliberal Agenda

Ana Patricia Robelo, Megan Gisela Bautista, and Gian-Carlo Toriano Parel

October 31, 2014

Dear President Marvin Krislov: We are three of the students who helped organize a direct action in opposition to the convocation that took place on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014. We cannot speak for everyone who organized, participated or wanted to but were not able to engage in the action, but we — speaking only for ourselves — were disappointed yet unsurprised that economist Dr. Jeffrey Sachs was invited to speak to share his research on global sustainability on Wednesday evening. Furthermore, we feel that the administration failed to report a transparent characterization of this speaker to the community, especially considering Sachs’s role as a major foreign economic advisor to transitioning nations in the 1980s...

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