The Oberlin Review

Under ‘Review:’ The Paper of Record Takes a Look in the Mirror

Rosemary Boeglin, Editor-in-Chief

February 28, 2014

In this installment of “Inside Campus Publications,” the Review turns the critical lens onto its own journalistic and organizational practices. This April marks The Oberlin Review’s 140th anniversary, and to properly honor the legacy of one of the nation’s longest-running student newspapers, its staff is using this occasion to assess the publication’s ability to live up to its role as newspaper of record for both the city of Oberlin and Oberlin College. College President Marvin Krislov put it frankly: “One of your questions was about diversity and inclusion, and I would just say — and I know you’re the Review — but I don’t think the Review does particularly well with that.” In last week’s ...

Off The Cuff: Tim Elgren, scientist, teacher and new Dean of Arts and Sciences

Maddie Stocker, News Editor

February 14, 2014

What geared you toward the sciences? I’m a physical inorganic chemist, so that’s a lot of chemistry. That’s my background. [I went to] undergraduate school in St. Paul, MN, and really explored a lot of areas. I was interested in psychology, I got interested in biology, and ultimately landed in chemistry, and really felt that I was incredibly fortunate to have landed at exactly the kind of level of question that I really enjoyed thinking about. So chemistry was a natural place for me. I went off to Dartmouth [College] and did my graduate work in this specialized area of chemistry. I [was] always interested in environmental chemistry, but when I got there I became interested in a biochemical detoxification projec...

Feature Photo: Keystone Protest

Feature Photo: Keystone Protest

February 8, 2014

Students, faculty and Oberlin residents gathered in Tappan Square on Monday, Feb. 3, to protest the State Department’s recent evaluation of the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline. The report concluded that greenhouse-gas emissions and future tar sands expansion would not be affected by the approval or disapproval of the pipeline. Double-degree first-year Hayden Arp, the demonstration's organizer, said that the event was one of over 200 that occurred across the country in response to environmental activist we...

Alumna Expresses Concern About Building Projects

Emily Stein, OC '05

February 7, 2014

To the Editor: A graduate of Oberlin College, Ellen Johnson, joined the Art History faculty in 1939. During her tenure, Johnson brought important works of art and architecture to Oberlin College. When she passed in 1992, Johnson’s lasting, visionary legacy was marked by modern masterworks: the Robert Venturi addition to the Allen Memorial Art Museum and a Frank Lloyd Wright home that she bequeathed to the College. Ellen Johnson refreshed a tradition of aesthetic awareness at Oberlin College that I believe has fallen dangerously dormant. Over the course of the next few years, we have an opportunity to revive these great visions that have endured at our institution, as we expand and enhance our architectural landscape...

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