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School Board Asks for Vote on Issue 3

Barry Richard, President, Oberlin School Board

October 31, 2014

To the Editors: At its July 15, 2014 meeting, the Oberlin School Board voted to place a one mill continuing permanent improvement levy, Issue 3, on the Nov. 4 ballot. If approved, this millage amount will generate approximately $182,000 in additional yearly revenue for the district. The estimated cost on a $100,000 home is approximately $3 per month, or $36 per year. These monies can only be used for expenses that have a life of five years or more (e.g. roof, boiler, doors, textbooks, band and orchestra equipment, sidewalks, parking lots, furniture, etc.). The reasons for this request are as follows: (1) The cost of maintaining our buildings has exceeded the amount collected by our current PI funds for the last...

Open Letter: Co-op Savings Essential

Bob Weiner, Class of 1969

October 31, 2014

Dear President Marvin Krislov: You must be flooded with everything, but as a co-Clinton administration official with you, I do want you to know that I’m an old Oberlin co-oper (I was the system treasurer!), and I agree that the savings for co-op members need to stay to help them with college. They helped me in a critical way. My father, who was covering my tuition, died between my freshman and sophomore year, and my uncle picked up the family wish to get me through school with tuition. But that was it for money. So I joined a co-op my sophomore year. I had to pay for all expenses other than tuition and room, and the savings from being in a dining co-op — and working to earn them, first as the meat buyer and then...

Just Ask Us: Favored Fir Finds Fresh Frontier in Front of Oberlin Inn

Mike Plotz and Jolie De Feis

October 10, 2014

We are here to introduce our biweekly column in the Review! Rose Stoloff, Editor-in-Chief and part-time dog owner, is so excited about this project that she is willing to advocate on our behalf — just ask her! We even have an official email so that you can send us compliments and Gchat us during your classes. Our reporting style is unique and follows the philosophy that facts plus fiction equals truth. Don’t believe us? Just ask New York Times staff writer Paul Krugman, who has called us “remarkably original and fun.” For our first installment, we are here to inform you about the Oberlin Inn tree. We know you’re thinking: “But the Oberlin Inn project knocked down all of the trees.” Wrong! Oberlin Colle...

Students Must Mobilize Against Proposed Pipeline Through Oberlin

CJ Blair, Columnist

October 3, 2014

Early during Orientation, another student told me that there were plans to build a natural gas pipeline that would go straight through Oberlin. When I heard this, I almost laughed, because I knew it wouldn’t happen. Surely the students of one of the world’s most politically active colleges would do everything in their power to prevent a project like this. When I joined Oberlin Anti-Frack, however, I realized that this was true only for a small group of students; the campus as a whole was far from being united and ready to mobilize against the pipeline. With several crucial dates in the battle against the Nexus Pipeline just days away, it is without question the most important time to make sure Oberlin students...

Radiolab Event Highlights Best of Oberlin College

Marty Frazier, OC '07

September 26, 2014

To the Editors: As a high school teacher, I’m constantly regaling students with the wonders of Oberlin and encouraging them to apply. Posters and pennants fly from my classroom windows, and the new viewbook sits prominently on my front table. Students grow tired of these entreaties, and when I begin a sentence with “Back at Oberlin,” many eyes roll reflexively back into sockets, as teenage eyes are sometimes wont to do. So when a group of high school seniors accompanied me to the Radiolab event this past Friday, I panicked that perhaps I’d let nostalgia oversell my Oberlin experience to them. What if our journey to this promised world revealed my memories as completely fraudulent? Walking into an electrified,...

News Brief: Inn Construction Begins

News Brief: Inn Construction Begins

September 12, 2014

Demolition of the Oberlin Inn began in earnest this week, marking the start of a 15-month period of construction on the corner of Main and College streets. The new facility, which will open in its entirety in the fall of 2016, will include a refurbished 70-room hotel, conference facility, retail space, restaurant, lobby area and admissions wing, all combined into one 100,000-square foot complex. According to former Vice President for the Office of Finance and Administration Ron Watts, the Inn will ser...

Local Photographers Explore Race, Gender Identity

Local Photographers Explore Race, Gender Identity

September 12, 2014

The framed photographs hung on the wall like windows into the subjects’ lives: an old man wearing sunglasses and throwing a yo-yo, a young woman holding a wide-eyed cat, a child waving goodbye while trapped by the photo’s edge. These portraits can be found in the exhibit Seeing Community: Visions from NEO, which opened June 27 and runs through Sept. 19. The exhibit showcases the work of 16 local photographers displayed in the Richard D. Baron ’64 Art Gallery located in the College’s Dewy War...

Oberlin Recycling Pickup Set to Return in October

Oberlin Recycling Pickup Set to Return in October

September 12, 2014

The city of Oberlin estimates municipal recycling pickup services will resume by the middle of October, returning after last February’s garage fire destroyed all six of Oberlin’s garbage and recycling trucks, limiting recycling services to two dropoff centers. Members of the student-run Resource Conservation Team have been offering limited additional recycling services to the College and town since March. “We are still surprised that the city hasn’t come up with anything, or the Co...

Staff Seeks Balance Between Free Speech and Community Standards in Online Comment Moderation

The Editorial Board

April 13, 2014

Last week, an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times argued that Oberlin is turning into “[a symbol] of the widespread scourge of campus political correctness and the glorification of victimhood,” due to the administration’s recent discussion regarding the use of trigger warnings in the classroom. Beside the fact that the article mischaracterizes the actual trigger warning conversation occurring on campus — for instance, professors are not removing Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart from relevant curricula because of its controversial themes — the idea that trigger warnings are inherently “distressing ... potential incursions on academic freedom and inquiry” is flawed. Trigger warnings exist in order to warn...

Clarifying What We Mean by “Community” at Oberlin

Machmud Makhmudov, Student Senator and Contributing Writer

March 15, 2014

Of the few moments that I can recall from freshman orientation, I still distinctly remember my first time sitting in North Quad. It was the type of warm, end-of-summer night that lasts forever while making no promises of any more to come. I sat in the middle of the grassy field with the rest of the newest residents of Barrows Hall, exchanging smiles and laughs with people that I looked forward to sharing memories with over the next four years. Between stories and introductions, I remember looking around the group and thinking, “This is why I came to Oberlin.” Never before had I thought that a group of people with such divergent backgrounds could come together and work in unison for common goals. Coming in with...

Oberlin College Ranked U.S.’s Worst Return on Investment

Aidan Apel, Contributing Writer

March 11, 2014

It has been known for years now that Oberlin College is an elite college that provides a fantastic education but has what Business Insider determines as the worst return on investment in the country. And for some reason, nobody seems to care. Oberlin students should care, and here’s why: 40 percent of 2013 graduates are unemployed, and one third of graduates are working in positions that do not require a degree. As an institution devoted to social justice, neither students nor the administration should be silent about the prospects graduates face in the job market. Students with connected families will inevitably be better off than students from middle-class, low-income or unconnected families. That is not to...

Affordable Care Act Implemented in Lorain County

Madeline Peltz

February 28, 2014

After Ohio’s Department of Medicaid and the Controlling Board granted Governor John Kasich’s request to use $2.56 billion of federal funding to expand Medicaid’s accessibility in Ohio, changes to the cost and structure of residential health care plans have became apparent in more remote residential areas. In Lorain County, 44,000 people are now eligible for Medicare and Medicaid benefits. Clients served by Oberlin Community Services, a local non-profit, are largely eligible for these assorted welfare programs. “I know people [for] whom it’s almost unaffordable now to get healthcare. They have to do something, because starting next year there’s going to be pretty hefty fines [for failure to enroll in...

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