Local News Bulletin

SB 310 to Fund Budgets

State Representative Dan Ramos announced the passage of the 2017 capital budget, Senate Bill 310, Wednesday. The budget will provide state funding for two community projects in Lorain County: the Lorain Palace Theater and Civic Center will be allotted $150,000 for building repairs and improvements, and $175,000 will be granted to the Boys & Girls Club of Lorain County Food Kitchen Program to make the program more accessible to children in need. SB 310 also allocates funding for Public Works Commission programs to provide grants and loans to local governments for infrastructure projects throughout the state.

NEXUS Opponents Remobilize

Opposition to the NEXUS pipeline strengthened in Oberlin following an explosion in western Pennsylvania caused by Spectra Energy’s fracking. Opponents cite the incident as something that could happen on a larger scale in the Oberlin area if the pipeline is built, because it is set to run alongside an existing jet fuel pipeline. John Elder, OC ’53, a spokesman for Communities for Safe and Sustainable Energy, said Oberlin citizens already made their decision against the pipeline in 2013 when some 70 percent of residents passed the Community Bill of Rights Ordinance.

MRC Seeks Coordinators

The Multicultural Resource Center will hold open question and answer sessions with applicants for the Africana and LGBTQ Community Coordinators positions today and Tuesday at noon in Wilder 208. Students will be able to fill out evaluations for each candidate at the end of each session. Food will be provided.