Rosenfeld Misrepresented

Sidney Rosenfeld, Professor Emeritus of German

To the Editors:

In his Review report on Dr. Karega’s dismissal (“Karega Fired After Split Faculty Recommendations,” Nov. 18, 2016), Oliver Bok misrepresented what I had written in my April 23 letter to the Review (“College Fails to Address Antisemitism on Campus,” 2016). Nowhere in the letter did I “criticiz[e] the College’s failure to fire Karega last spring,” nor did I imply such criticism. Rather, I focused solely on the College’s failure to call antisemitism by its name. To forestall more confusion, I’ll add that my one-sentence email letter cited in the Review Nov. 18 was written at Oliver’s request after Dr. Karega’s dismissal had been announced. I stick to the content of both letters.

Sidney Rosenfeld
Professor Emeritus of German