Find the Fall Fitness Course That’s Right for You

Tyler Sloan, Editor in Chief

ATHL 100 Fitness for Life Instructor: Jason Hudson, Head Track & Field Coach

Coach Hudson will be offering Fitness for Life this fall for the ninth consecutive year in his 12-year tenure at Oberlin College. The primary goal of this class is to raise an overall awareness of what fitness entails. The course educates students about the value of maintaining a healthy diet as well as teaching anaerobic, aerobic and strength training. Though Coach Hudson promises a challenging workout, he assures us that the class is open to everyone. “The class is for anybody from varsity athletes to faculty members. Over the last four years the largest concentration of students have come from the Conservatory,” he said. Students will have the opportunity to track their progress by taking pre- and post-class fitness tests. These assessments will provide the opportunity to properly self-evaluate fitness levels before and after the completion of Fitness for Life.

ATHL 110 Waterfront Lifeguarding

Instructor: Betsy Bruce, Director of Club Sports

This course includes American Red Cross Lifeguard Training, Waterfront Lifeguard and CPR for the Professional Rescuer/ AED. Upon successful completion of the course, students are certified to lifeguard pool and waterfront locations. However, the class does not cover surfing or waterpark lifeguarding. The class provides the opportunity for students to gain employable skills while maintaining a healthy exercise routine. Students must know how to swim in order to enroll in the course.

ATHL 145 Core Training

Instructor: Adrian Abrahamowicz, Head Baseball Coach

If you’re in search of a core-improvement class that involves both a yoga mat and sit-ups, this is the place for you. Students have the opportunity to improve their core by utilizing a variety of different techniques. Through dynamic movement and challenging routines, the class guarantees development in overall fitness that goes beyond solely improving core muscles. The course explores exercises that involve both floor and non-floor work with medicine balls and weights. Core Training is open to all students; however, the course promises to be a difficult workout experience.