Advice from Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., reached out to Review staff on Tuesday afternoon to offer words of advice and support to the Oberlin community. Jackson addressed a wide variety of topics with a series of single-sentence responses regarding Oberlin’s history and the importance of unity and diversity. Highlights from his telephone interview are included below.


On the Oberlin Community…

“ Keep embracing each other and don’t be divided.”
“In this new world order, living apart is no longer an option. Co-existence is our only hope.”
“Oberlin has a legacy of multiculturalism and multiracialism that stands second to none in the country.”
“You can’t let anyone steal your joy.”
“[Continue] to recruit and interact and retain with a broad base of students and faculty … and teach subjects that challenge limitations of our culture.”
“People of color, lesbians, gays, they’re all a part of our community.”
“I’d be glad to meet the students at some point in time.”

On Acts of Hatred…

“Those who engage in hate acts must be exposed. They must not have witness protection.”
“Those that do this are cowards, and those standing up are brave.”
“Violence comes out [of] hatred and fear and sometimes mental disturbance.”
“People of faith and hope must continue to spread light.”
“The campus cannot be a sanctuary for haters.”
“When people are free to hate, we are also free to resist hate.”