Vice President for Finance and Administration Requires Consideration

Thank you for hosting an open listening session regarding the search for a new Vice President of Finance and Administration this past Monday, Feb. 11. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to have our concerns addressed in a public setting. As could be seen by a shortage of chairs and food, general interest among students in the recruitment process for this position is high. Our choice for the new Vice President of Finance will have significant long-term implications for Oberlin, and we believe it should be made by a committee that represents Oberlin’s diverse community.

The Vice President of Finance holds a significant portion of the financial decision-making power at Oberlin. The position oversees the Office of Student Accounts, Human Resources, the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, and many other departments. This position also has influence through its oversight of the Investment Office, which is responsible for handling our institution’s endowment, and the Office of Environmental Sustainability, creating a direct link between our commitment to environmental sustainability and our financial decisions.

At the meeting, students brought up a number of issues as well as three specific requests:

  1. Invite two students to sit on the search committee as full members.
  2. Include specific language in the job description that mentions Oberlin’s commitments to sustainability and responsible banking and investing.
  3. A response to this letter, in a timely, public manner, such as The Source.

We look forward to continuing a dialogue with the Committee.

Respectfully, Student Senate Student Labor Action Coalition Student Finance Committee Oberlin Animal Rights Students United for Reproductive Freedom Recycled Products Coop Office of Student Treasurer Oberlin Anti-Frack Oberlin Peace and Conflict Studies Green EDGE Fund Students for a Free Palestine Ohio PIRG

– The Responsible Investing Organization