Local News Bulletin

Hair Recycling

The Resource Conser- vation Team hosted a hair recycling event this Tuesday, during which student stylists gave their peers free haircuts. The chopped locks will be donated to the Matter of Trust organization, which then ships the clippings to manufacturers throughout the U.S. who weave them into mats that effectively soak up oil from oil spills.

Cleveland Contender for 2016 DNC

The Democratic National Committee may host its 2016 convention in Cleveland, an endeavor that would cost the city between $55 and $60 million. The biggest factor in the decision is the city’s facilities, including the number of available hotels for visiting officials and media personnel.

Oberlin Autism Film Festival

The College will host its first-ever autism film festival in the Nancy Schrom Dye Lecture Hall this weekend. In an effort to raise awareness about autism, films addressing the autism spectrum will be screened. The festival will showcase Mary and Max starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Adam starring Hugh Dancy, OC’87 starring director and writer Bud Clayman and Autism in Love starring R.V. Kuser. A 10-minute discussion will follow each film, during which students and faculty members are invited to examine how the media’s depiction of autism affects societal perception of the disability.

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