Local News Bulletin

Youth Council Resurgence

After almost 15 years of inactivity, Oberlin City’s Youth Council has reformed. The group provides a platform for youth, including College students, to address the issues that they recognize in Oberlin. The Council has two clearly defined goals: to increase access to Philips gym and to increase public transportation services. Members want to see gym discounts for residents and for the center to open its doors to high school athletes. Meanwhile, access to jobs, colleges and doctor’s appointments are limited because of the lack of public transportation in Oberlin.

Re-entry Program Review Next Steps

Oberlin’s Salvation Army’s “49-9 Project” was founded in 2013. It is a program that helps inmates transition into life outside of prison. Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, Oberlin police Lieutenant Mike McCloskey, Oberlin Municipal Court judge Thomas Januzzi, and Lorain County Sherriff’s Lt. Jim Gordan met with Salvation Army officials to discuss what the program’s next steps are; they are considering adding more officials to the project. Prisoners go through a 12week course that details many of the difficulties they will face upon being released.

Local Teacher Faces Child Porn Charges

Jacob Garlock, a teacher at Eastwood Elementary School, was sentenced to five years in prison on child porn charges. He was suspected after taking pictures of a student’s feet. The student’s mother reported it to the Oberlin police department who discovered that Garlock had been using the pictures as pornography after. According to the Ohio Department of Education, Garlock has permanently released his teaching license.